In the blinding darkness of the forest,there was nothing to see but empty space; nothing to perceive,nothing to guide my way through but the hushed rustling of leaves somewhere in the distance.

After some while, the clouds obscuring any form of light to aid my sight start to lazily drift away with the wind, paving the way for some faint rays to seep through the thick canopy that stood towering over me. The trees in the forest bent over the ground, their branches clawing at me from among the shadows like a stealthy predator ready to pounce any minute, onto its helpless prey.

In my peripheral vision, I saw a flicker of an amber light, and turning my head to the West I saw a large flame erupting from the deep end of the forest, across the horizon, making its way towards me faster than a heartbeat.

The amber wildfire was specked with flashes of orange and white, and I started to feel–and fear– its presence the closer that it got to me.

I turned on my heels…and fled. Letting the adrenaline take over me,I let one thought sink in:

The forests are not as empty as they seem.


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