I have been told a truth about trees, and I have seen it with my own eyes: that in themselves trees are…a lot like humans in nature. A nature, that reflects on their outsides as well as ours.

A tree full of himself to the brim and overflowing with arrogance would stand erect in pride fully conscious of its worth and offer nothing to the weary travelers that come to it seeking shade.

But on the other side, a tree kind and loving in his heart, would bend towards the ground with the weight of the fruits upon his shoulder that he offers to the weary man; a mark of his gratitude, his sweet fruit, that he passes on to the lost man in his time of need who every so often comes to the tree to ask for its help.

And unlike the other tree, this one bows down to greet his seekers and forever shall be welcoming to their needs until and even after, the day it leaves this world…till the end of time.

And then I ask myself the question: “If I had to choose between two different people-each opposite of the other-like between the two trees, would I choose the one that stands erect in pride or the one that bends down in front of others merely due to his humility?”

But then again I wonder…what would you?

To sum it all up then, from that point itself, I dropped all the questions on the side of the road right there and climbed upon one of the trees, to get a new perspective-

And I found the bearer overpowering both the sides of the coin, whichever you turn.

…so now I don’t wonder, I know.


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