The Journey of a Star


    “The journey of a million years began with the explosion of a cloud of gas, of the continuity of the endless fabric of time and space began with a single most pivotal phenomenon in the history of the universe – the big bang. 

Through that hot, super-dense state, through the ‘accident’ that took place in a fraction of a second 14 billion years ago, the expanding universe came into being which subsequently gave birth to its uncountable constituent celestial units ─the  bottom of the hierarchy of which is the star .
So let me, Time, be your host and take you on an adventure through the cosmos for a glimpse into the present and the past, through the life-journey of a star. 
It is just one among the hundred billion in the Universe, each with its own cosmic tale to tell.”


  •  “I, Stellar Nebula, the astral birthplace
    cosmic dust cloud of hydrogen circling through space,
    Born from the great reservoirs of cosmic material;
    Shining with exuberant energy for millions of billions of years,
    the infant that leads a bright life through internal fusion reactions

Held together by the stubborn force of gravitational attraction


From incubation to adulthood, with my core ablaze
giving my starlight an eternal glimmering grace

And with gravity and constant fusion,
I achieve a balanced internal state
for millions of years I evolve through life,
protostars to main sequence ones
my journey through the universe is to thrive.”


  •         “Then comes the time for my midlife crisis,
    the battle between my inside-out outside takes a dramatic turn

A burden now on me I never bore─
that while gravity continues to compress my core,
the outward push of fusion begins to falter
leaving my once-balanced state completely altered.
My inside collapses, my outside grows larger

As my surface cools off and swells up farther.

I, the Red Giant, as I eventually resolve my tumultuous state
with a new source for my exhausted fuel, outer layers that lay to waste

A temporary inner stability that soon will all be in vain
it is inevitable I know…that I’ll never quite be the same again.”

  •        “Now with my aged magnificence, I am split into two:”

“As an instable low-mass star I am slowly losing all hope,
ready to give in to gravity and go down the death slope.
Shedding my outer layers, I, Planetary Nebula am illuminated with an eerie glow
the temporary most beautiful object in the sky,
burning all my fuels relatively slow.”

“But as a high-mass star, contradictorily
with sufficient pressure and temperature to sustain fusion
Opposing gravity, my core becomes composed of heavier elements
that set off a final collapse and catastrophe,
with a much violent death in store for me.”

“Now a white dwarf, turning solid as I collapse under my own weight
Reduced to a tiny mass, death is now my inevitable fate.
As billions of years pass by, I sink into a passive state
my corpse cools down, until I become black as space.
A black dwarf  is what the astronomers call me now
and pitch-black darkness envelops me somehow.”


  “Time has come, to confront my violent death:
When my core temperature rises, I spin rapidly all around
then explode into a 
supernova, without the deafening sound.
The gargantuan explosion is a dazzling sight to behold
the electrons and protons squeezed together is what forms me, the 
neutron star next
With a highly compressed core in every context
But if I am especially massive, I may assume the form of a 
black hole
with space, time and matter all trapped within, I am left in the universe sole.”


  •         “And so the star’s journey comes to an end after an eventful life of  billions of years. Though it may seem implausible, but there is an intricate cosmic connection of the stars with us. With them being made up of the two simplest types of atoms – from which the universe began and subsequently complex elements produced by nuclear fusion at the center of the stars. When stars die, and particularly when stars explode, they recycle their newly-made elements into the cosmos. The next generation of stars then forms from this mixture of elements, as do any planets accompanying them.

But none of us would be here, were it not for the life and death of previous generations of stars, so, 
essentially… we are all made of stardust.”


This was not initially intended for this purpose,instead,as a script for a role play and was done after lots of research and help from the internet on the subject but I found it very fascinating and well, what can I say?

The stars had me gravitated towards them.


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