Above the vast expanse of blue that seemed to open into eternity, the sky suddenly started becoming darker. The rain-darkened clouds obscured the light that descended from the heavens, first in thin streaks of white, then blocked out completely by those ominous-looking shapes that the clouds formed in that moment of time. Time stood frozen, the silence deathly still. Even then they continued moving in. Up ahead a tidal wave began rising from amid the water, reaching in the air as if to claw at the sky- so high up that even the mightiest of the ship ever made might cower at the mere sight of its humongous form.

Soon, the sea and sky indulged in an intense battle and the helpless ships were the ones tossed and turned around in that whirlpool of wrath and fury. It was as if all hell had broken loose: the ships looked like mere bleak spots, like ants when compared to the enormity of the waves that stood like a giant wall in their way.

The sailors at the point where they could hold nothing against the forces of nature—knowing that they were the bait in between the two—then surrendered themselves to the waves and offered silent prayers to the sea god.    They were then entirely at his mercy.

Thunder roared from above their bowed heads, lightning struck like a hungry beast at their masts and rain cascaded in torrents down their frames that were frozen from the cold; but the two made no sign of a hiatus any time soon. In fact, their rage took abhorrent forms as time crawled on.

There is no hope, they thought. It was like rubbing two sticks together-the only possible outcome would be flames. They had been prepared for the worst, but all foresight and premeditation is thrown out the window when one is out at sea to confront the fury eye to eye… or so the elders said.

The clouds growled in response to the thunder’s roar and the deafening sound that reverberated off the waves made them cower in fear. The sea had deterred them in ways unimaginable. They were to regret and repent forever for underestimating nature in its true form; they were doomed.

Although a strange aura of change could be felt in the atmosphere that was perceptibly thick with fear and suspense before, they caved in to the mighty power before them and bracing themselves, they faced the fate that awaited them. But the question that haunted their minds then was something they all dreaded to admit…

Could this be our kingdom come?



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