Of silent nights that speak of thoughts untamed,
Of howling winds that carry a message of the flames
High above the planes of the truth
That speak of the fires devouring the woods
The aroma emanating from the embers that travel through the air
And drift towards the ocean’s gloomy lair;
Meandering through the shores and the scattered boulders of rocks
Ricocheting off the giant caverns
Drowned by the lull of the waves, taking turns
To pull me in with their captivating notes.
A faint smell that hangs in the night-air
of singed grass and old, burning bark
The cliff that stands out against the ocean stark
And though the water’s warm and it
keeps struggling to pull me under
But the world above me that swirls alive
keeps firm its hold on my tether
Amidst the raging battle of my mind,
Much like caught in a storm a boat─
And in the undulating sea of murk
Somehow, I stay afloat.

Image: Brig Drifting Ashore off Bamborough, Northumberland (Bamborough Castle, Northumberland with a Wreck) by Edwin Hayes


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