Cries of the Night”

 A shred of light
Of the moon that shone
High up in the sky
The almighty from his throne

Faint melody
That wafts through the air
Sweet and gentle
Stillness mirrored in her stare

 Over the sounds of the night
Heard is the one of her breathing
Among the howls and coots
And the sound of feet treading

She, moving closer
To the light in her trance
Oblivion, in every step
Among the shadows that
With claws, at her prance

Distant sound of a stream nearby;
Vague insects’ chirping
And the Nightingale’s loud cry
Time never moving on
Though dark, yet she looks for dawn

With one last, lingering look unto the sky
Voices at her thoughts that pry
To the cries of the night
Those by the second grow
She finally let all her fears show

Image: Cries of the Night

The Night



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