For when at night you’re silent
You may hear it whispering to you
Telling you tales and legends
Not many beings have knowledge of
Not many mortals have known.

Tales of the battles fought years ago
The blood shed and the sacrifices
The mingling of the sea with the earth –
Paving way for them to walk upon it.

It even carries you along with the wind
Drifting towards the land of all might
Where fathers have seen their sons overcome
Where people mourned for their beloveds’ demise.

The night, it speaks of the glories of great sorcerer’s
And their apprentices’ long been sought quests
Where the rays of the sun dawn themselves upon you
Your flight of thoughts all but turns to dust.

I’m not suggesting that the sun is the enemy of your dreams
Merely he is a chance for them to live

He draws the line between the vicious virtuality and sincere reality
In which the truths are intended cherishes.

Let it whisper in your ear and let you know
Stories that occurred thousands of years ago,
Let them leave their footprints on the sands of time
That will linger eternally in the remains of our history.

To hear the stories that the Night tells.

Image: Blue Horizon by Sarah Slater 



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