When at night I look at the stars,
They remind me of forgotten scars.
Far away, where they burn bright
Or slowly fade away with age.
Higher in the sky,then sinking low
Illuminating the pathways of every sage.
But when I turn my head to the side,
Further away from the light,
I saw a familiar group of stars,
Those forever have known these doors left ajar.
Though at times they’re wide open,
Turned upon their hinges, closed the next-
Leaving enough room for the light to enter,
And burst through the cracks flexed.
A voice then calls me back,
Somewhere distant, far behind:
Back to the present-
Shut the door on,
The thoughts conjured by my mind.
And with the doors, the light disappears
The dark creeping in, somewhere near.
Time seems frozen; the dark moves painfully slow,
For a light that gradually fades away-
For a light that loses its glow.


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