So this amazing new acquaintance nominated me for an award I was upto this point unaware of – thank you Akanksha – I think it would suffice to say I am still new here, comparatively, and that I haven’t had the chance to explore many blogs but I will try my best to follow through with the rules of this nomination as were told to me:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and display the award on your page
  • Nominate ten other bloggers for the award
  • Answer ten questions asked by the person who nominated you
  • Ask your nominees ten questions 

She asked me ten question and here go my ten answers—

Q. If you were stuck in the middle of an island with an option to choose drinkable sea water, or edible sand as food, what would you choose and why?
A. I probably would go with drinking sea water, because I would die more quickly from dehydration than starvation.

Q. You have the opportunity to ask for one superpower. What would it be?
A. I would love it if I were somehow able to manipulate the elements—preferably the wind and water. 

Q. Have you ever lived through a day without knowing that it’s not day?
A. Not entirely, but I could have been confused for a moment as to its existence.

Q. How many times can you bathe in a day?
A. The number two is the limit.

Q. How do you like my blog?
A. I think it’s full of insight and…very honest in its simplicity somehow, with the sentiments that go behind it. I am in utmost solidarity with them. 

And my further nominees shall be:

A Blast From The Past
Longreads Blog
The Book Wars
The World Past Me
Caught In the In Between
Underneath The Night Starry Sky
Wuji Seshat
Joshi Daniel Photography| Images of People
The Musings of a Writer
a wild & savage star
The Chirurgeon’s Apprentice

…And simply all the blogs I follow. I apologize if I forgot to nominate anybody, but truly, the lack of consistent activity here on this platform pulls me up short. I would gladly nominate a lot many more blogs if only I could remember which ones they were.

My questions to you, dear nominees and all the blogs I’ve followed and just about anybody who has anything to share go like this 

What is your most favourite quotation, one that touches the strings of your sentiments every time you read it?

Favourite genres for books? Also, the most incredible and inspiring place you think of for for indulging in reading?

A memory you could never forget?

Feet dangling from a cliff on a rainy day above lurching waves or a hike through the mystic forest?

Do you prefer wrinkled, yellow pages of old books?

Favourite authors and the book that has everything to do with the person you are today?

How did you meet the person that’s now become an inevitable part of your life?

Preferable face of nature that she wears periodically: an overcast sky; nightsky adorned with stars; windswept sky after a storm; twilight, dusk or dawn or a sombre sky?

The place on the earth you think would bring you closest to your being— a place you would want to visit before you die?

The Aurora or the Midnight sun? 


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