Sometimes it happens in  life, to the most unwilling of us, that we stumble across a single most unassuming point in the journey that, at a primeval glance may not seem significant—may even feel as if just another ordinary turn in that path—as to what it holds for the present, but what we seem to forget is that harmless little accident steers us through to such serendipitous events that we cannot help but call it what we do: an accident, a happenstance.
We remain ignorant of those simple turn of events that at their own sauntering pace lead to so many bigger ones that we tend to forget the oceans were not formed in a day; that the greatest of ‘mishaps’ are borne out of the simple little bits of time and space that we call change. 


Change, in the way that one day you were a stranger to a person, but when you look back upon your life from some distant point in time, you realize how much your life has actually changed. Like when you, as a child were afraid of that sinister cloaked figure seeming to always follow you around whenever it was dark, but is your companion on a lonely night bleak, through the woods.
At first we criticize it, condemn it, regret it even, but as time slowly casts a magic spell over our present, days blur past the open windows of your home and before you know it, you have already arrived in the space of time called the ‘future‘.
And you cannot retreat, you cannot return, you cannot even look back and abandon the path you have been treading—but follow through with the choices that will lead you to places both wonderful and terrible.


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